Our Business


Reimagine your businesses through a multi-industry and cross-disciplinary lens.

  • Brand innovation strategy

  • Consumer research and insights

  • Service / Experience design

  • Product / Service concept ideation

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Bring your unique innovation and brand identity to the market.

  • Brand design and application

  • Retail space & digital interaction design

  • Product & packaging design

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Engage customers with a human voice, amplifying your brand values.

  • Integrated marketing communications

  • Influencer marketing

  • Social CRM solution

  • Multi-channel E-commerce operation

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Accelerate from thinking digital to being digital.

  • Digital strategy and infrastructure design

  • Operations digitalization

  • Interactive system design

  • Data science

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Our methodology

Combine design thinking & lean


Find out a group of users’ unmet needs and create several design cocepts in order to satisfy their needs.


Confirm the product-market-fit and conduct a sequence of experiments in the real world for mitigating the risk and thus make sure the product created would meet the users’ demand.

Innovation - Design Thinking
Human insights
Creation - Lean
Concept development
MVP hypothesis
Pilot 1,2,3
Final validation

Design thinking


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